CBSE – Now you can download 10th and 12th certificates through Facial recognition system

CBSE has released great news for students who are studying in class 10th and class 12th. Now you can download your 10th class and 12th class mark-sheets and certificates from Digilocker without entering the mobile number and aadhaar number. You can download these certificates just by showing your face. This has been a great update which will enable students to download these documents easily through Digi locker.

CBSE – Facial recognition system

The facial recognition system is a technology which matches the human face from a digital image against a database where the faces are stored. Now CBSE (The Central Board for Secondary Education) has enabled this feature. In their database, your digital image will be stored and when you will try to use this feature then Facial recognition system will match your face with the faces stored in their database. If you are a registered CBSE student and your face is stored in their database then the mark sheet and certificate will be downloaded.

Before this update, whenever you wanted to download your certificates from Digi Locker, you need to have Aadhaar card and registered mobile number with you. Sometimes, If you don’t have these details with you, you cannot have access to these documents. If you forget your registered number or Digi locker password, then you cannot download the certificates.

After this update, you can easily download the mark sheets and certificates by just showing your face. Now if you have forgotten your registered mobile number or Digi Locker password, there is no issue. You can download the documents by just showing your face. When you will open the app, it will match your face with the stored digital image and if it matches then you can successfully download the documents.

The feature has been launched only for Class 10th and Class 12th. Later on, CBSE may release this feature for other classes too.

If you have any question or doubt regarding this update, do let us know.

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