England to face new 4 weeks lockdown announced by PM Boris Johnson

PM Boris Johnson said that there will be a 4 weeks lockdown across England and it will last till 2nd December 2020. He ordered national lockdown in England as the corona cases passed one million and second wave of this virus in on the way.

On 31st October 2020, approx 22000 corona cases were reported and scientist has warned that in the worst scenarios, 80,000 deaths can also be exceeded. You can visit the UK Govt. site for official guidelines.

Till date, the UK has reported 1,011,660 coronavirus cases and 46,555 deaths have been also reported. The lockdown will be implemented from Thursday Midnight and then it will last till 2nd December 2020. The final restrictions will be decided on Wednesday.

Lockdown Rules

  • People are told to stay at home and they can leave for specific reasons like work and education.
  • People can also leave their homes for medical reasons, food , shopping and for other essential items.
  • You can meet with other person in public places for meetings but you can not do meeting indoors or in private gardens.
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants and non-essential retails will remain closed but you can opt for takeaway and click and collect shopping will also remain open.
  • Gyms , Entertainment venues etc will also remain close in this lockdown.
  • Construction sites and different manufacturer workplaces can also remain open.
  • Worship places are also going to remain closed but they can opened for funeral purposes, individual prayer, formal childcare etc.
  • Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies will not take place except in exceptional cases and there can be a maximum of 30 people in funerals.
  • People will be advised to restrict their unnecessary travel by public or private transport.
  • If parents are staying separated then their childrens can move to them.

These are some of the rules which can be applied during this new lockdown which will commence from thursday midnight. The final list of what is allowed and what is not allowed will be released on wednesday.

At present , UK is the 5th country where most number of deaths has been reported and 9th country where most number of cases has been reported.

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