France extends night-time curfew as corona cases increases

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that France will extend overnight curfew to slow down the pace of coronavirus spread in the country. He said that the situation in the country is very serious and we need to provide attention to this.

The curfew timing will be from 9 PM to 6 AM and it will be effective from Friday midnight. This curfew will affect approximately 46 million people. During the lockdown only certain activities will be allowed like travelling for work, seeking medical attention etc. This curfew will last for six weeks. The curfew is already applied in Paris and other 8 major cities.

Jean Castex said that ” The second wave is here and now the situation had become worse”. European countries are suffering from a sudden hike in corona cases and Italy, the UK, France and Spain are hotspots.

Jean Castex told in a press conference that the coming week will be hard for us and the number of deaths will continue to rise. So we need to keep yourself safe. The situation will be analysed in the next week and depending upon the situation, some strict curfew measures may be imposed if required.

From this Friday midnight, people have to stay in their home from 9 pm to 6 am. If they break these rules then they will be fined with €135.

The restaurant owners were not happy with this decision because their business suffered a lot with this lockdown. But President Emmanuel Macron said that these are the necessary steps which should be taken so that we can avoid the risk of the hospitals being overrun.

Italy, UK and Belgium have received a high number of cases in a single day and in the month of November, the number of cases may increase. France has also reported more than 20,000 cases in the last seven days. So, the night curfew will help to reduce these numbers. The curfew will be imposed on more than 46 million people and this will also include some overseas territories.

Corona Virus Data of France and other European Countries

CountryTotal casesNew CasesTotal Deaths
Disclaimer: The data is taken from

These are the numbers which shows the new cases and total cases in Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Belgium and UK. The UK has reported more number of cases in the last 24 hours.

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