Latest good news in 2020 for PUBG fans

Good News for PUBG Fans

If you are PUBG Fans, then this post is for you. As you all aware about PUBG Mobile India comeback, there are many rumours which are spreading on the internet. Though there is no official update regarding the launch date, the internet is spreading many rumours regarding the launch date. You can even find the download link on the internet. Today we will notify our readers about some of the major updates which are important for PUBG fans.

As there is no relief for users yet and they may need to wait for further one or two months. The PUBG Mobile India hasn’t got any clarifications from the ministry of India. So, the users may need to wait till some more time. According to some reports, the game was supposed to be relaunched in the starting week of December but still no official update from the Official PUBG Mobile India.

If a game is banned then it becomes difficult for any game/app to relaunch app easily. They need to take permission from Ministry of Electronics and Information technology and you just can’t relaunch game by just changing the name. There are a lot of more factors which needed to analyze first. The game has been banned on 2nd September 2020 and the app is no longer available on Play store and app store.

Good News for PUBG Fans

The owner of this famous game trying his best to relaunch the game back in India. There will be a lot of new features in this game and the Indian version of this game will be completely different from the Global version. There will be a lot of interesting changes in the game for Indian users which will make this game more interesting in India. As we all know, FAU-G game is also coming soon and the pre-registration of this game has been started.

Users were waiting for PUBG Mobile India game to be launched before FAU-G but they haven’t got permission yet. This will be interesting to watch when FAU-G game will be launched. It will be interesting to see the response of FAU-G game. There will be tough competition between these two games.

You can also tell us your opinion about these two games and for which game you are more excited.

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