How Laxmii movie 2020 performed in India and Abroad, The Movie was a blockbuster of 2020

I guess you must have watched the Laxmii Movie 2020 which was released on Disney Hotstar on 9th November 2020. The movie was a remake of the Tamil blockbuster movie Kanchana. In this movie, Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani can be seen in the lead roles. The movie wasn’t released on theatres due to Covid-19 pandemic in India but the movie was released in theatres in UAE, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

The Whole Movie revolves around a ghost of transgender. In this movie when Mohammad Asif Khan doesn’t believe in ghosts. He lives with his wife and late brother’s son Shaan. They are invited to attend the silver jubilee of Rashmi’s parents. Rashmi’s father doesn’t like Asif khan and his relationship with their daughter. Rashmi married Asif without the permission of her father.

When Asif and his family reach the village then they had an accident where nobody of hurt. Then the children wanted to play cricket but they have no place to play. Asif suggests that he had seen a place where hey can play cricket and then they visited that place. When Asif tries to put the stumps int he ground then stumps hit the buried body and blood from that body gets on the stumps. Then later when Asif washes stumps then that blood was thrown on lemongrass plant and later Asif made tea from that grass plant which was made for Rashmi’s father.

When he declined to drink that tea, Asif drinks that tea and then the ghost of transgender enters Asif. For more info, We would suggest you watch the full movie on Disney Hotstar.

Laxmii Movie 2020 Reviews

In India, the movie has received mixed reviews. All characters have performed really well especially Kiara Advani who offered a small role in this movie but she makes most of this. Rajesh Sharma who played the role as an onscreen father of Rashmi also acted beautifully. The IMDb rating for the Laxmii Movie 2020 is 2.2/10. According to us, we will rate this movie 3.5/5. This movie is a perfect movie to watch with your family. You can watch this movie on Hotstar although this movie has received appreciation from overseas.

Laxmii Movie 2020 Earning

Laxmii Movie 2020 is now the highest opener of this year and has performed really well in overseas countries too. According to the trade analyst Taran Adarsh, the movie performed really well in overseas countries.


Laxmii movie earning in UAE

In Fiji

Laxmii movie earning in Fiji

In Australia

Laxmii movie earning in Australia

In New Zealand

Laxmii movie earning in New Zealand

In Papua New Guinea

Laxmii movie earning in Papua New Guinea

According to the Indian Audience, the movie hasn’t performed as expected but in overseas countries, the movie has performed really well.

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