IPS Officer Mohita Sharma is the 2nd Crorepati of KBC season 12, Becomes 2nd women to win in this season

Mohita Sharma is 2nd Crorepati of KBC Season 12

KBC season 12 has got its second crorepati and this time an IPS Officer Mohita Sharma has won this prize. The famous Television show ” Kaun Banega Crorepati ” has got their second crorepati of this season. Last time Nazia Nasim has won this prize who is a communication professional. Mohita Sharma is the second woman to win this prize on Friday 13th November, a day before Diwali.

Sony Entertainment has announced that they will feature this episode about her big win on 17th November. They have shared a clip which shows she answered 1 crore question successfully and becomes 2nd woman to win this prize.

You can see in the video that Amitabh Bachchan praising Mohita Sharma by saying “Unbelievable”, “Adhbhut” and “Wah”. Amitabh asked her 1 crore Rupees question and asked her to play cautionaly. She answered this question correctly and then Amitabh Announced that she has answered correctly.

Then 16th question was asked from Mohita. If she answers this question correctly then she can win 7 crore rupees. When Amitabh asked questions, he said that only a few people know the answer to this question and in the video, you can also see that Mohita says ” Nhi Decide Kar Paa Rahi Hoon “. Then she has chosen an option and Amitabh said ” Tala Lga Dia Jaay“. Mohita Replied Yes to this.

Sony Tv Tweeted that

“Waah! “Adbhut!” Kehte nahi ruke AB jab Mohita ne diya har sawaal ka sahi jawaab. Kya jeetengi woh 7Crore rupaye? Jaaniye #KBC12 mein sirf Sony par. #Sawaal7CroreKa@SrBachchan@SPNStudioNEXT

Mohita Sharma
Image Source: Twitter

It will be interesting to see that she answers this question correctly for not. Nazia has also played well but couldn’t answer the 16th question right.

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