Is the New National Education Policy 2020 good for our Education System?

A New National Education Policy has been introduced on 29th July 2020. There were a lot of rumours regarding this policy. The first batch of this policy will be from the next year. The students who are currently studying in 8th class will experience a new education policy. This policy will bring a lot of changes in our education system.

As you all aware that our education system was based on theory. Our students can score 90% marks in their class but practical knowledge is not there. So this time, Govt. has made some major changes in the education policy. Now our education system will also be like a foreign education system. There are some good points about this new education policy which we will discuss.

New National Education Policy 2020

The old education was following 10+2 class approach but this New National Education Policy brings out a new approach. Now we will follow 5+3+3+4 approach.

In the first group, the children between age 3-8 years will get three years of Anganwadi and 2 years of class education (1st and 2nd Class) where play-based learning approach will be used.

In the second group, the children between age 8-11 years will get three years of education(3rd to 5th Class). In this education, they will get there basics cleared first.

In the third group, the children between age 11-14 years will get three years of education(6th to 8th Class). In this education, they will get a chance to learn coding from 6th class onwards. They will also get a chance for vocational on the job training where they can get practical knowledge.

In the fourth group, the children between age 14-18 years will get four years of education(9th to 12th Class). They will have the choice to study subjects of their choice. In the old education system, if a student is studying in commerce, he/she cannot study history etc. Now they can have subjects of their choice.

The best feature of this education policy is Multiple Entry and Exit Option. In this, If you have taken admission in Engineering and after one year, you think that you should study Law then you can take study Law after completion of 1 year and get a certification for the previous course. if you leave the course after 2 years then you will get a basic diploma. So your years will not get wasted. In old education policy, if you wanted to leave study in a particular field after 1 or 2 years then you will not get any certificate for your study. All the years of study will be counted as wasted. So this is the best benefit of this education policy.

The students till class 5th will be taught in Regional language. This will give importance to Regional Languages. This step is good but if a student is from Punjab and he/she is studying in Gujrat then it will be difficult to understand that language. Secondly English is the international language which is used in the world and in this New National Education Policy, students will not be able to learn this language in schools.

Now the education sector will be given 6% GDP. Previously the education sector was given 1.7% GDP only. Now NTA(National Testing Agency) will be responsible for conducting common entrance examination for all tests like NEET, JEE and other common aptitude examinations. Online Education will also be promoted in this New National Education Policy.

M.Phil will be discontinued in this new education policy. There are a lot of more changes which are done in this new national education policy. Many people are supporting this new education policy and many are against it. But in my personal opinion, this new education policy is best which will bring world-class learning experience. Now if you want to get a foreign like education then you can get in India.

Do share your views regarding this New National Education Policy.

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