Rocket attack causes fire at the oil refinery in Iraq on Sunday 29th November 2020

Rocket attack at the Oil Refinery

A Rocket attack has caused the fire in the oil refinery in Northern Iraq on Sunday 29th November 2020. The fire hit a fuel storage tank at the Siniya refinery on Sunday. There were no causalities reported.

The fire was controlled within a few hours and after that, the operations were again resumed in this oil refinery. The ISIL group has claimed the responsibility if this attack on Sunday. They said that they have used two Katyusha rockets in this attack. The Siniya Refinery is located near the biggest oil refinery Baiji.

The ISIL Group maintain sleeper cells and they frequently carry out attacks in the whole parts of the country. During this attack, the Siniya refinery shut down the whole operations for some time as the safety measure. After this, when the things were back to normal, again the operations were resumed. The Siniya refiner has the refining capacity of 30,000 barrels per day.

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