Shammi Kapoor 89th Birthday Anniversary – Special Moments

Today on 21st October 2020, India is celebrating 89th birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor who entertained us with his movies, his acting skills and also showed us how we should live life. He is known as the Legend of the Bollywood. He is also known as Indian Elvis Presley.

No one till date has matched with his acting skills, the way he has shown his emotions was just amazing. He was the superstar of the 19th century and even these days we love to watch his movies. Today we are celebrating the 89th birth anniversary of the Bollywood superstar who showed his amazing acting skills and motivated us. He has shown us how you can live life to the fullest.

Shammi Kapoor (Shamsher Raj Kapoor 21 October 1931 -14 August 2011) has also debuted in Tamil Cinema in 1992 with a blockbuster movie Amaran. He received Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1968 for amazing performance in movie Brahmachari and in 1982 he received best supporting actor award for Vidhaata movie. In 1995 he was awarded Filmfare lifetime achievement award.

He made his debut in 1953 with the movie Jeewan Jyoti and delivered a lot of super hit movies. Some of his famous and superhit movies are Junglee, Teersri Manzil, Tumsa nahin dekha, Brahmachari, An Evening in Paris, Janwar, Andaz.

Shammi Kapoor Special Moments

  • Neela Devi, Late Shammi Kapoor wife said that his favourite song was Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paoge. There are a lot of other songs as well but he always keeps singing this song. Whenever he is sad or just had an argument with me, he will keep singing this song. Even when he was in ICU, he was singing this song.
  • During Shammi Kapoor’s biography by Rauf Ahmed, He could not take his eyes off Madhubala. He met Madhubala for the first time during the movie Rail ka Dabba and during the take, he forgot his lines and was very nervous.
  • Shammi Kapoor purposed Geeta Bali a lot of times. She always refused. Shammi was concerned about the reaction of his father and brother because she had already worked with these two. She was one year older than Shammi too. He used to purpose Geeta after every two or three hours but she always refused. After doing this consistently for 3-4 months, she finally said Yes and they both got married on 23rd August 1955.

The veteran actor had a lot of special moments and today on the occasion of 89th birth anniversary, a lot of people had tweeted regarding this. Let’s have a look at some of those tweets.

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Mayank Shekhar tweeted on 89th birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor

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Good Times Tweeted

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Rajeev Shukla tweeted on 89th birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor

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Girish Johar tweeted on 89th birth anniversary of Shammi Kapoor

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